Maine Industrial - Complete Turnkey Services and Maintenance Programs for Electric Motors, Hydroelectric Projects and Hydroelectric Repair

Complete Turnkey Services and Maintenance Programs for Electric Motors, Hydroelectric Projects and Hydroelectric Repair:  
Electric Motor & Hydro Generator Services, Electrical Power Testing, Metal Stitching, CO2 Cleaning, Field Work, Maintenance Programs, El CID Testing, Switchgear Services and Diagnostic Services


Schulz Group: Maine Divisions offer  complete turnkey services for all your hydroelectric projects. 
We can also design and implement preventive maintenance programs for your facility. 
Each maintenance program is customized to fit your specific needs. 
Our experience can help minimize your downtime, reduce your annual maintenance expenses, 
and prolong the life of your hydroelectric equipment. 

Schulz Group, Maine Divisions, can design and implement preventive maintenance programs for your facility

Maintenance Programs 

Schulz Group, Maine Divisions, can design and implement preventive maintenance programs for your facility. Each maintenance program is customized to fit your specific needs. Our programs are always performed on time and within budget. 

Our programs include: 

  • Complete inspection & testing of the generator including megger, PI, drop, partial discharge, hi-pot & EL-CID testing. Check brushes, brush holders, air gaps, commutator and wedge inspections. 

  • Installation of thermal sensors, vibration sensors, proximity sensors and positioning transducers on all critical components for local or remote monitoring. 

  • Complete mechanical inspections including cavitation on runners, wicket gate tolerances, guide bearing & water bearing inspections, check head cover and linkage eccentrics, check hydraulic pressures and oil levels, check shaft runout and alignment.

  • Complete inspection of powerhouse, trash rakes, head gate and penstock.

  • Fullswitchgear services including insulation resistance and contact resistance testing, dielectric absorption, oil analysis, transformer  turn ratio testing and power factor testing. 

Service Proposals
Emergency Repair Proposals
Vibration Trending & Infrared Thermography
Complete Project Management
Complete Outage Management

Complete Maintenance Records & Documentation

Call us at 207-623-7500 to discuss a customized maintenance program for your facility.

Electrical Services 

Stator Services

  • EL-CID and/or core loop testing
  • Complete restack of core laminations
  • Rewinds including high voltage coils
  • CO2 Dry Ice cleaning
  • Stator uprate and coil redesigns
  • Meet or exceed all IEEE Standards

Rotor Services

  • Complete field pole rebuilds
  • Cleaning and testing rotor assembly
  • Wedge tightness survey/drop test
  • Wire and laser alignments of rotor and bearings

Other Electrical Services

  • Complete exciter overhauls and rebuilds
  • Armature & Field Rewinds
  • Upgrade-Static Conversion
  • Full switchgear services
  • Startup services including phase ins


Electrical Services offered at Maine Industrial
Electrical Services offered at Maine Industrial
Mechanical Services 

Runner Repairs

Runners often suffer metal loss or develop cracks due to foreign objects, cavitation, and abnormal operating conditions.  The Schulz Group has an extensive machine shop to completely rebuild Kaplan & Francis runners. We also repair cavitation holes, keyway damage & balance up to 25,000lbs.



Complete Bearing Services

The Schulz Group grinds, hones, and polishes bearing surfaces to restore them to a mirror finish, and will repair any oil leaks and replace bearing shoes if required. 

  • Babbitt bearing repairs and repours with excellent bonding.
  • Water bearing restaving & reconditioning
  • Thrust bearing reconditioning to a mirror finish
  • Bearing Conversions
Runner Repairs at Maine Industrial
Complete Bearing Services at Maine Industrial
Other  Mechanical Services
  • Wicket gate, curb rings and head cover rebuilds
  • Shaft fabrications from castings to 18 ft
  • Field machining stationary wear rings
  • Laser, 4 wire & center wire alignments
  • Keyway broaching
  • Welding services


Additional Services 

EL-CID Testing

Digital El-CID testing represents the latest and most superior technology in stator core imperfection detection.

  • Rapid and Safe Setup
  • Low Power Supply Requirements (1-3 kVA)
  • Significant Reduction in Safety Hazards
  • Instant Analysis of Stator Core Condition
  • Ability to Re-Test During Maintenance Cycle
  • Can Be Done With Coils in Place
  • Detects Deep Seated Faults-Even Under Windings

Metal Stitching

Metal Stitching is a cold repair process for broken and cracked castings. Metal stitching can be performed on-site without the need for major disassembly. The result is a repair stronger than the original design. For more detailed information about metal stitching, click here



Predictive Maintenance

Our predictive maintenance services will monitor the condition of your equipment over time and help prevent catastrophic failures and unscheduled downtime. Services include Vibration Trending/Analysis and Infrared Thermography



CO2 Dry Ice Cleaning

Dry ice cleaning is a unique, technologically advanced cleaning method that is easy to use, harmless to the environment, and exceedingly cost effective. The CO2 cleaning system uses rice-like dry ice pellets, called DRICE, blasted at subsonic or supersonic speeds to remove surface contaminates. 

Digital EL-CID Testing Services

Metal Stitching Processes at Maine Industrial

Predictive Maintenance Services
CO2 Dry Ice Cleaning

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Maine Industrial Repair Services, located in Augusta, Maine, is an industry leader in HYDRO repair services and a full service motor and generator repair facility. 
Maine Industrial Repair Services also provides Electrical Power Testing, Metal Stitching, CO2 Cleaning, Field Work and Diagnostics, as well as Complete Maintenance Programs and EL CID Testing. 

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